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What's in it for me? Cloud Shield Dash Board

The need has arrived to supply customers like you with the right tools to deliver a 360 degree view of your location's security systems. Cloud Shield is a viewing dash board containing a set of security metrics measuring your entire security's platform all in one place. This is ideal for businesses wanting a more comprehensive view of real time information of the activities surrounding triggered events.

By implementing a dash board of visualization tools which will allows the viewing of a collection of measured data from the monitored and maintenance statistics to be used in ways never before possible with traditional reports. The Monitored data can show where a business needs to invest more resources in high risk areas or conserve where resources have been ineffective. Service data could be used to identify locations where an employee maybe damaging or disabling security equipment providing a breach in security to allow for theft. Their many ways to reap the benefits of Cloud Shield's features.

Busy customers need easy access while on the go. Our mobile application is the answer for the busy store managers; for example, a manager may need to grant an employee access to open the store on their behalf because of an unexpected delay. As mobile devices and IoT continue to make our lives more integrated, the expectation to fill needs like these are on the rise.

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