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Alarm Systems & Maintenance

Whether your project is small or large, a few additional smoke detectors, or a complete new fire alarm system, Fuse Systems has a projects department that can meet all of your requirements. From liaising with consultants, designing, installation, commissioning and production of final drawings & documentation, there is no aspect that our team cannot handle. You can be satisfied that as an accredited company, Fuse Systems will perform with the upmost competency and professionalism during every stage of your project. All of our project and field engineers are experienced in the practices associated with NICET and NFPA (the code of practice for alarms system design and maintenance). Fuse is also an authorized distributor for Honeywell, therefore we are able to arrange and supply state approved communications which connect your alarm system via secure link direct to a monitoring station. 

Should you want more information, or a free no obligation quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to be your fire alarm Milwaukee provider!

fire alarm Milwaukee

Easily Control


Easily Control

Six Reasons To Test & Inspect Your Fire Alarm Systems Regularly:

  • Lives are at stake! Your fire alarm system will only operate properly if it is maintained and some impairments will not be obvious without testing!

  • To meet the requirements of your local building department, fire inspectors, and even your insurance carrier.

  • Your insurance carrier may reject your claim if you do not have proof of complete annual inspections.

  • To limit your liability for any potential injuries suffered by tenants, employ-ees, or guests to your business.

  • To assure that the system does not create nuisance alarms that waste Fire Department resources. This could put others’ lives in jeopardy and many jurisdictions will charge the building owner for multiple nuisance alarms.

  • It is required by the National Fire Alarm Code! (NFPA 72)---- IT'S THE LAW

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