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10 Interactive Mobile Apps Services that Calm & De-Stress

Interactive Services

Helps reduce costs, maximizes system utilization and reduces operational complexities (i.e. makes life easier).

  • Verified Video with two way audio

  • Event Status Alerts via Mobile App

  • Mobile Duress

  • Virtual Guard Tours

  • Virtual Doorman Remote Entry

  • Virtual Escort for deliveries

  • Situation Awareness Mobile App

  • Maintenance Alerts

  • Way Finding

  • Performance Reports

Everyone everywhere recognizes the need for flexible security services. The IoT (internet of things) has increasingly made security services more convenient and easier to have. At the same time, more experts are finding the cloud to be a safe and reliable resource for managing life's daily complexities.

FUSE Systems offers many managed Cloud-based security solutions that provide complete control and visibility. Yes, it is possible to seamlessly integrate your smart phone into your security system, building's automation and other systems to improve efficiency and deliver the experience you want, with the safety you need. That’s the an Ultimate Security Service.

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