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FUSE Electronic Systems & Security  offers reliable, monitoring using 21st century technology to ensure swift response to any critical situation, emergency alert, or alarm triggered  event.

Once the customer’s protocols are established our highly trained professional operators take immediate and appropriate action.  They proactively monitor your premises to help catch criminals.  We offer live monitoring and surveillance for a complete solution.

Our state of the art Central Station is fully equipped to handle every type of monitoring service you need.    Our Central Station has been awarded the Five Diamond Certification and is UL listed.

· Fire & Burglar Alarm Monitoring

· Intrusion Surveillance

· Panic and Duress Event Monitoring

· Remote Video via Mobile App

· Heat, Moisture, and Temperature

· Medical Emergency

· Asset Tracking

· Building Systems: Mission Critical Sensing


We monitor systems that will detect intrusion, control access and react to movement, fire, smoke, flooding, environmental conditions, and other hazards. Our Five-Diamon...
Alarm Monitoring
4 hr
Starts at $39.99/mo.

Reliable - Swift Response

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