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Business Class

Security Cameras

  • Includes 4 Commercial/Industrial Grade Cameras

  • App for Android/iPhone/PC

  • Fuse Technical Support Included 7 days/week

  • Software and equipment is maintained and updated regularly

  • Up to 2 months Storage!

  • Equipment/Labor Warranty

  • Never have a broken system again!

Our Competitors Price:

Over $2000!!

Your Price:

$500 Installation Fee

$59   /month

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"No More Buying a New System Every 4 Years."

Security Camera Systems

Security Cameras 


Security Cameras Milwaukee

IP Video Surveillance


A professional multi-camera system, a hidden camera, a digital video recorder or a turnkey mobile security setup, you’ll find the perfect solution here. 

security cameras Milwaukee
Milwaukee Residential Video Surveillance Services
Milwaukee Commercial Business Surveillance Services
Milwaukee Business Lot Surveillance Services
security cameras Milwaukee

Vehicle Access & Parking Lots

License Plate Readers are being used for identifying license plate numbers under ordinary driving conditions offering advantages in security.


Cameras installed in locations that are at the right height to record license plates.  System capable of processing videos and driven by analytics.

Live Video and Playback on Mobile Technology

Targeted or Open Areas

Milwaukee Store Surveillance Services
Milwaukee Retail Surveillance Services

You can view live video in and around your business—whether you’re at the workplace or across the world?


Whether you have a new or existing security system, Fuse Systems can put all this functionality at your fingertips using the same devices that are already a part of your everyday life—your smartphones, tablets and laptops. It’s time to get connected with the security cameras Milwaukee businesses deserve.

  • Increase security

  • Reduce vandalism

  • Multiply the effectiveness of onsite management

  • Discourage illegal activities by providing visible scrutiny of common areas

  • Allow off-site monitoring

Security Cameras Milwaukee
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